The questions frequently asked by clients are showed on this page.
Feel free to inquire of us about other questions by phone or fax or e-mail.
p: What's the "inventory during the business hours" like?
`: We take stock even in the business hours if you like. You needn't close your shop for inventory. They are glad to be able to sell things on the day of inventory. Of course, we take stock while the store is closed if you like.
p: How much is the cost?
`: First, we make an estimate. The estimate is free.
We don't mind whether contract is made or not. Feel free to inquire.
p: Do I have to prepare anything for inventory?
`: No. Not at all.
p: I would like you to count during the night.
`: We offer around-the-clock service. No matter when, during the day or night, and on weekday or weekend.
p: I feel a little anxious about entrusting inventory to outside workers.
`: Don't worry. Urban Mirror has been trying hard and making many improvements for quicker and more accurate inventory. Please entrust inventory to us.
p: Our shop is small(big). Is it all right?
Our shop isn't a supermarket or a book store. Is it all right?
`: Yes, of course. In taking stock, it make no matter what kind of business and how big it is.

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