Advantage for Clients
Advantage for Clients
* There is no need to prepare extra hands for inventory.
* You needn't close your shop for inventory.
* Our specially trained staff for inventory can give you accurate data earlier.
* You can get intelligible report.
* Our original computing system gives you more accurate data.
* We serve you earnestly and faithfully.
* We take on everything to the final calculation.
* You can get the report on the very day of inventory.
* We offer you better services at more reasonable price.

Do you know the real present amount of the stock?
Don't you have some stock lying idle?
Haven't you found articles disappearing before noticing?
- - - - - It's time to outsource inventory. - - - - -
This system was born in the U.S.A. Outsourcing inventory is natural there.
Convenience store, supermarket, a coin operated car wash, DIY store, etc....
Those are common now, but no one thought of them before in Japan.
Inventory service will be essential some day.
Realize the convenience by using Urban Mirror.

What's Urban Mirror

Why Is the Inventory Needed?