Process Chart
The way of Inventory is decided.
We visit your shop, look at the arrangement of articles, make sure what to count. Give us your hope about categorization etc.
We estimate the cost of service from time and labor we will need.
If you agree to the estimate, please contract with us.
Final Arrangement
We make arrangement with you about details.
We use the special system for inventory. Our staff takes stock with handy terminals, send the results to the PC and the data is processed. They tag each shelf where they finish counting and check the output data carefully. Inventory makes progress with the rapid teamwork of men and machines.
Data processing
After counting, we process the data there and make a paper reporting the result of inventory in 20 or 30 minutes.
Please confirm the report. If you are satisfied with the result, we hand the report to you and all the work is over. The report of Urban Mirror is especially easy to understand for it is categorized into each category and area.

Why is the inventory needed?